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If you love nature, animals and healthy food, we can offer you a lot of agri-foods produced by us, in the form of simple and traditional meals, prepared with love, both for us and our guests. In order to fulfil these desires so that you shall come back to us numerous times, we ask that you strictly observe the following internal rules:

  • it is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the buildings (only in especially designated areas);
  • access to the kitchen is forbidden, with the exception of total reservation situations, discussed in advance (the boarding house staff is at your disposal for any reasonable request with regard to the kitchen);
  • it’s forbidden to consume food and drinks brought from outside the boarding house;
  • it’s forbidden to throw away any type of garbage, including cigarette buds, anywhere other than waste baskets and ashtrays;
  • excessive alcohol consumption, high volume sounds, both inside and outside the camping areas, or at hours when they can disturb other guests or campers are forbidden;
  • access with any type of pets is forbidden;
  • access to the green spaces with vehicles of any type is forbidden. You can park in the designated areas for free, but only if you are a tourist we are providing services to.
  • it’s forbidden to light fires of any type outside of the specially designated areas or with any wood other than waste or dry wood found in the forest;
  • it’s forbidden to cut or mutilate the trees and shrubs in any way;

In case of failure to observe one or more restrictions in this regulation, the Dracula Daneș Domain reserves the right to act in accordance with the law for trespassing on private property or failure to observe its internal rules. For a firm reservation, it’s necessary to pay the first night of accommodation in advance. This payment shall be lost if you cancel your reservation afterwards.

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Regulations imposed by M.D.R.T

The Dracula Daneș Domain observes the regulations imposed by the Ministry of Regional Development and Tourism (MDRT) with regard to the mandatory criteria for the classification of touristic reception structures with accommodation functions of the 3 flowers tourism boarding house or agritourism boarding house type. Please visit this link to read and take note of the rules imposed by M.D.R.T ..

Website content

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