The Dracula Daneș Inn

Rediscover The True ”Back To Nature” Concept!

Dracula Daneș Inn

We invite you to take a break from today’s ”fast” and technological life and spend your leisure time in the Stejăreni Valley, at the Dracula Daneș Inn (3 flowers) located in a picturesque setting, 6 km away from Sighișoara and 5 km away crossed on a forest road from the Dracula Daneș Boarding House. The inn offers you a holiday away from your worries, a place where you can exchange your mobile phone for a fishing rod, the neighborhood building for a magnificent forest…here you can enjoy wonderful moments in nature.

Everything happens around a lake guarded by wild or domestic animals that can be admired in a small zoo and a sheepfold, where you shall rediscover the true ”back to nature” concept.

Info: Fees/accommodation night (with hotel tax included). For a firm online booking we request paying the first night of accommodation in advance. This payment shall be lost in case of failure to show up for your reservation. Find reservation conditions here.

What you can find at the Inn


40 seats in the restaurants
30 seats on the terrace


Your own bathroom, with a shower
TV, cable
Picnic spots
Lakes for fishing
Mini-island with swans
Playground for children
No Internet/weak mobile signal


5 triple rooms
1 double room
2 superior rooms

Images of the Dracula Daneș Inn